Saturday, 15 December 2012

Just In Case You Were Wondering. . . .

Those of you who read this blog will be aware that I am a big supporter of gay rights, and a fierce critic of religious fool who seek to curtail them. I suspect this has lead some to wonder whether I am somehow in denial over my own sexuality. Aside from the fact that such a question is tedious, and nobody's business but my own, I will take take this opportunity to clarify the matter. I am heterosexual. I have enough kinks and fetishes in this arena and fear that should I expand my repertoire further then I'd be mightily short of time to do anything else. The simple truth is, most of the gay people I have spent time with have just been decent and kind and interesting, which are qualities I admire in anyone regardless of sexual preference. I like easy company and good conversation, and I've rarely lacked this in their company. I also find the whole alpha male stereotype crazily dull, and I've endured too long in the company of male meatheads who have the communication skills of a zygote and the self awareness of a dung beetle. Put simply, I like interesting people, and most of the gay men I know are more interesting than many of the straight ones. So sorry for those whom were busy deciding that I'm in the closet and allowing my repressions to seep out through my blog. It isn't so. I'm not in the closet about anything; I'm my own man and I'm not seeking the approval of others. I've been candid in every blog I've ever penned. From my views on religion, social justice, morality, to my well chronicled sexual preferences. How you perceive me in light of this is really up to you, but lets not have any of this nonsense about me concealing my true nature. What you see is really what you get.

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