Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Miracle Child

I have just watched a video about a baby girl, whom shortly after birth was diagnosed with a swelling on her brain caused by spinal fluid. Doctors confidently told her parents that it would grow no larger, and she was sent home to begin family life. A routine check a short time later revealed that the growth had grown exponentially, and was compressing the brain. Remarkably, this prompted no symptoms, and the girl continued to live normally. The long and the short of it was that surgeons eventually got to work and solved the problem, and presumably this little girl made a full recovery.
Fantastic news. Thing is, during the video the claim is made that God ensured she had no symptoms, which was promptly proclaimed as a miracle by her parents.
Ok then, let's call it a miracle, but let's not forget that the same God allowed this precious infant to be born with a potentially life threatening condition. The same God also stood idly by whilst doctors initially misdiagnosed the severity of the cyst. He then concealed symptoms, effectively masking the growths malevolent trajectory, which arguably made the child's plight worse?
I find myself wondering if this is really worthy of the term miracle at all? I'd actually want to suggest that if God did have some involvement it was of a negative rather than positive variety. Let's give a child a life threatening condition shall we? Let's endanger her life? Let's wait until things get really bad before I allow medical science and the skill of the surgeons to sort out my unholy mess?
By all means call this a miracle if you must. But what a vile nature this God must be if he chooses to use babies in order to show the world just how great he is.
I'm not impressed. I'm repelled. Or rather I would be if there was actually any God to direct my anger towards. In all honesty, what leaps out at me from this video is just how credulous some people are, and how willing they are to believe without the slightest regard for the facts. Truth is, I'm embarrassed for them.

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