Thursday, 9 January 2014

Status Update

Ok, I admit it. I'm out of the habit. Haven't really been writing much. Haven't actually been thinking much, to tell the truth. All to do with my commitment to spending less time thinking about life and more time just living it. I'd forgotten how to enjoy the art of simply going with the flow, and now I've remembered I'm finding that I quite like the peace that comes from thinking less. Last time I checked I had readers in over 50 countries, which I guess isn't too bad. But I never really did this for anybody's benefit but my own. In the event that anybody is remotely interested I'm doing just fine. Actually better than ever. I've become quite fond of living in the real world and I'm committed to spending most of my time here. I don't rail and moan about religion any more, because I actually don't give a damn. Let people believe what they want. I've flushed it from my system, and I'm the better for it. Family life is good, and my relationship with Joy has hit new heights. We've reached new levels of understanding and intimacy, and we are both focused on being everything we want each other to be. I'll never understand why some couples seem so willing to settle for second best, or become so bogged down in routine and convention that they starve each other of the very thing that made them strong in the first place. Big mistake, people. Huge. Are you really so happy to settle for less? Still, none of my business. Anyway, this isn't really a blog. It's more of an extended status update. Life's good, and I'm in a good place. I'm planning to keep at that way.

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