Wednesday, 22 May 2013

British And Proud

Details are emerging of a particularly nasty, and hopefully isolated terrorist attack by what appears to be radical Islamists. If the initial facts stand, then it would appear that the "Religion of peace" has struck again.
Well I say struck. In actual fact it has done little more than score another pathetic own goal, dropping its intellectual trousers and parading its microscopic genitalia for the world to see. Apparently Islam "Will never stop fighting us."
Crack on, I say. Continue with your ridiculous antics. But if you think for a moment that the people of Britain are going to capitulate then I think you're at a misapprehension. You see, we Brits, for all our faults, have been batting off fleas for as long as the history books record. Fringe groups, political organisations, religious loons; we've seen them come and go. Now to be sure, Islam is a particularly stupid brand of religious inanity, laced as it is with teachings both bizarre and ridiculous. I would want to go on record and laugh at this creed. And i mean belly laugh. Laugh until I cannot laugh anymore. And I suggest you do similar. We must strive not for violent revenge, but instead to mock and ridicule this daft little Bronze Age myth off the map. It makes good people believe stupid things, and gives bad people a fuse to live out their own crazed pathology.
Violence begets only violence. And violence is a form of self defeat. Ridicule, however. Ridicule and irony and humour, combined with the kind of steadfast resilience we Brits are famed for, well that's a fierce beast indeed.
So lets not be rendered afraid by the these strange men with their low IQ's and bizarre ideas. Lets not change our way of living or our routine. Lets just keep calm and carry on, as those mugs extol. Keep being Brits. Keep being brave, self effacing, resolute and united. Against such strength our foes will fall, or better still remove themselves elsewhere.

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