Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Gravest Sin Of All

How many radical feminists does it take to change a light bulb (You need to imagine you're at a feminist convention when asking)
Answer) That's not funny.
This is my favourite joke at the moment. It distresses me how few people get it.
I'm not a feminist. I'm not the male equivalent, either. I just take each person on merit, and if they happen to be a shit-bag then it's their problem and not mine.
Confession; most people bore me. Tedious creatures, nothing original or engaging to say. Same old recycled crap filtered through a different voice box.
I think I get irked at how so many just don't want to think, or speak plainly about how the world is. I loathe the pretence and the disguise and the double standard, the grim conventionality of it all.
I just can't do it. Tried conforming. Fuck that. It's as much as I can do to tolerate it for most of the time. Perhaps you think I'm having a dig at you personally. I don't much care what you think, but for what's it worth I'm more intolerant of what we, as a species, have allowed ourselves to become. I bet a good many of you are bored out of your minds a lot of the time, and that you accept it in quiet desperation. Why? Isn't there something you can do to make your life better, richer, more engaging? I'm not saying we should all jettison our responsibilities, and if you were thinking that I was then you're an idiot. No, what I'm saying is stop settling for less. I mean it, stop succumbing to the banal, the dull, the life sapping, and make your journey one that's worth living.
You are going to die. You have this amazing stage before you now. Who of sane mind wants to live it as some perpetual self deception? Who of sane mind will sit idly as the clock ticks, not seeking new horizons, not challenging bullshit, not looking others in the eye and being genuine and honest, without fear of reproach. Worst of all, who's permission are you waiting for? Those closest? Peers? The great sky fairy some refer to as God? For goodness sake, take some personal responsibility, get off your indolent arse and make your life one you can be proud of. Make it vivid, make it memorable, make it as meaningful as you can. As far as I can tell, to do otherwise would be perhaps the gravest sin of all.

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