Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why I Say "No" To Islam

You may have seen a link on my Facebook site, where renowned scientist Laurence Krauss walks out of a debate with Muslims due to them seeking to impose segregation between genders. Just let that sentence sink in for a few seconds. 2013, at University College London, Islam seeks to impose its values upon those present. And when three young men tried to sit where they wished they were ejected from the venue for being a threat, which was when Krauss decided that enough was enough. Make no mistake people, if we tried to segregate people based on colour or political affiliation there would be an uproar, yet somehow Islam thinks it can get away with it with gender. One has to wonder where this is going to end? No Penis's nor Vaginas in the same room perhaps? Separate carriages on the tube?
And now a question for you. Are you prepared to tolerate this? Are you worried about upsetting another persons religious sensibilities? If yes then I want to challenge you to think a different way. What we capitulate to today will still be with us tomorrow. In Islam we have a set of backward beliefs and failed philosophy that would propel us back to the dark ages if we let it. How many cutting edge Muslim scientists can you think of? How many social reformers? Islam is based upon the same monotheistic nonsense we have already dispatched with Christianity and Judaism, albeit with a slightly more vindictive streak. And frankly if it hadn't worked so hard to quash opinion and stifle free thinking in the Arab peninsula then perhaps we might not have been faced with the threat that this nonsense presents. Like other religions, whilst it makes claims to being the sole owner of literal truth it appears to run terrified in the face of anything that seeks to challenge it. Like all religions it is man made and man sustained from beginning to end, and kept alive due to the folly and wish thinking of people too afraid to face reality as it is.
There is no God. There never was. There never will be. The world and all its considerable riches are all we have and all we need. We can love, learn, laugh, and lament, and I expect lots of other things which begin with "L". We need religion like men need a third testicle. It is, bluntly speaking, surplus to requirements. Now I accept with Islam that to stand against it is to accept a certain risk, but my argument is that if everybody does so then the risk is shared equally. If a million voices, ten million, twenty, chorus together and stand up for what is decent and right then we will get the message across. In the west we've become lazy, and we've assumed that nothing can change and that our values and freedoms are safe from all comers. They are not. And until you, and yes I mean you come to realise this then the threat that we face will persist. I'm not trying to see Islam banned, nor stifle its freedom to lie about reality. But I do advocate that people of reason stand up and be brave and say "No". No Islam, I have no interest in what you want to teach. No Islam, I will not live my life according to what you demand. And No Islam, I will never, and I mean never allow you to cripple the freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for. Islam, I do not believe you have anything to say that non religious thinkers haven't said better and more clearly and without threat of an eternal hell. Keep your hands off of my freedoms, my rights, and know that should you ever seek to distort the truth in my hearing, my voice will be the first you will here.

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