Sunday, 10 March 2013

Religion & Cross Dressing

Have you ever noticed that whenever men dress up as women they more often than not look like they just stepped off the set of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert? They look daft, often ridiculous, and you cannot help feel that they should have kept the habit behind closed doors.
I'm going to suggest that we should have the same attitude towards religion.
I mean, in private it's just fine, and if you want to have people around to share these urges then I've no objection. It's just that when you bring it out in public, when you put it on parade it just looks daft.
Perhaps the comparison is not one you recognise? But why not? Is public religious profession any less ridiculous than middle aged Les the plumber going out in his frock, tights, and wig? Ok so the image of Les is more striking, but when you think it over is it any less absurd than when Bill the evangelist stands at your door telling you how you need saving from the imaginary crime of sin? I argue that it's not, and I'm yet to hear a convincing argument otherwise.
Les the transvestite is actually far less damaging if you really want to press the point. If you see him he might raise a giggle or an embarrassed shrug, but with Bill the evangelist he might leave certain people uneasy, unhappy, and unnecessarily ridden with guilt. I would therefore, like you to try the following. Next time someone preaches to you, think cross dresser. Imagine Les in all his ridiculous glory, tottering about with excessive lipstick smeared over his craggy face. When your religious friend starts talking about the gospel imagine the twelve apostles dolled up in fishnets and corsets doing the Can Can with Jesus doing a burlesque routine. Think ridiculous. Think absurd. And just hold onto the idea that the same principles apply with Religion as with cross dressing. All well and good behind closed doors. But when you bring it out in public it starts to look a little bit daft.

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