Friday, 9 November 2012

Jimmy Fixed It Alright

There's a media storm brewing. Dustbins are being pilfered, archives scoured, all in the wake of the debacle surrounding the tedious Mr Saville. Whilst Jim may have fixed it for underage children in ways that sicken us all, he has also prompted a frenzy of suspicion and tacit finger pointing which probably isn't going to benefit anybody. Consider the following; due to the publicity surrounding the abuse of our children the problem has lessened; it seems that it now carries such a stigma that whilst a person can still commit these crimes, they can be in no doubt as to how society will perceive them. Our children are our most precious resource and must be protected from predators in all guises. But, and its essential we take note here; it must not come at the expense of a witch hunt or a media feeding frenzy. Which is what I fear now. I am concerned that people are going to be smeared, lives unnecessarily ruined on the back of unverified rumour and suspicion. Some mud sticks more than others, and the taint of being a possible abuser is a hard one to shirk. And so to my point; our investigations must be thorough and exacting and based on the evidence. There's that word again; evidence. It's a word that should be central to all our vocabularies, over riding our personal agenda and innermost desires if need be. And now is the time where the evidence must be a beacon; we must be guided by it and compelled into action based on our findings. The abuse of children is despicable and a scourge we must eradicate, but we'll serve our values and our integrity best if we go about it properly. At the moment I share our Prime Ministers concern; there's a mood out there that wants to point the finger first and accrue the data later. This isn't good enough. Not even close. And it's a short cut to placing us in a worse position than we were before. Lets bring the guilty to justice, and punish both them and those whom protect them. Lets search every hard drive, every cupboard, every nook to bring these evil people into the open. But above all, lets do it in the right way.

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