Monday, 12 November 2012

How I Use My Stardust

One of my favourite truths is the fact that in order for us to live, stars must die. The fact that the elements that make life possible can only be produced within the interior of dying stars is something I find profoundly moving. I mean, it's just an awesome thought isn't it? You and I; stardust. This knowledge compels me to use my time on Earth wisely, and also informs some of my philosophies for living. Talking of which, for what it's worth I try to live my life without doing so at the expense of other people. By that I don't mean I never speak out or confront; but rather I give people the space and freedom to express themselves unless what they do causes direct or indirect harm to others. I've got very liberal views for the most part, but I'm also prepared to be tough on those who want a free ride when they are more than capable of carrying themselves. Laziness is an ugly thing; especially when it's based on the assumption that others will automatically pick up the slack. I'm also, as you may have clocked, no fan of people who make claims about reality which the evidence doesn't support. Such views do not deserve respect. None shall be given. That said, I've gradually softened towards some aspects of religion. The average believer is benign and uses faith as a positive lens through which to see the world. As such no problem; crack on. I'll only get twitchy when you start trying to tell me that I have to share your beliefs, or that my gay friends cannot marry the people they love, or that Noah was real. Continuing on this whirlwind tour of my ideology, I'm no fan of abortion. Here's my take; if you want to reduce terminations then reduce conceptions. We do this by educating people, making access to healthcare straightforward, and ensuring people are aware of all options. If countries do this, like say Holland, then abortion figures plummet. I'm not for a ban because statistically that doesn't reduce the numbers; at least not according to the World Health Organisation. Oh yeah, I do dislike religious people who want to see abortion banned whilst also claiming that birth control should not be made widely available. What complete fools these people are; dig a big hole and deposit them henceforth. And so to sex. Big fan of openness and candour. Big thumbs down to the standard British nudge nudge wink wink perspective. Lets create a culture where people can express themselves creatively and safely and just plain enjoy this part of themselves. Concerning the qualities I like, it's transparency and genuineness. I've got a growing bee in my bonnet about people who lack the courage to say directly what they then bleat to friends or colleagues. We've all had the occasional rant when tempers flare, but there's a type of person who you just know is going to speak when others are out of earshot. And they are, please note, incredibly easy to spot. If you want some indicator as to how they may possibly speak about you, simply listen to what they say about others. It's as simple as that. Anyway, this vent is well, vented. Have a nice day. Don't get shot or eaten by wild animals.

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