Saturday, 27 October 2012


I don't think the British are very good at talking about sex. I think many find it embarrassing, awkward, taboo even. I love the subject and I'm always up for a full and frank discussion on what makes people tick. Curiously, I often hear it talked about in a kind of 3rd hand way, as if from a distance. I wonder, what is it about the British psyche that creates such a feeling of unease? I quite often join forums and have discussions on various issues related to the human journey. We really are fascinating, but there is a recurrent inability to be quite as open about sexuality as we are on other subjects. One the one hand I get this; the whole privacy thing; yet on the other I find it just plain vexing. Why have we allowed ourselves to become so shy of expressing what is a core part of our nature? What are we afraid of? I think the culprit is probably our religious heritage; the denial of self and a perception of sex as something sacred and only to be undertaken under certain conditions. News flash; God isn't watching you shag. He's just an imaginary figure that handles the crowd control part of your psyche. A bit like a babysitter making sure you're doing the right thing. Statistic; 95% of men and 74% of women masturbate. I take this to suggest that many of you find sexual feelings pleasurable. Don't worry folks, there's nobody watching you partaking of that hand shandy or tickling the magic bean. Well not unless you've posted videos on YouTube, in which case you presumably elected to do that anyway. Thing is, I just don't get the whole guilt thing, and I think you can let go of that baggage. There's nothing sordid or sinful about sex; no set of rules other than those that secular law has decreed. I think we need to be talking about it more; banging the drum that its ok to be sexual and that we're not subject to some unspoken code of silence. Perhaps you think me uncouth to venture the above? If yes then be all means avoid the subject and carry on as you were. But I suspect there's a lot of people out there prepared to adopt a more matter of fact approach. Sex isn't some divinely ordained thing; it's a biological norm and a part of our nature that we are free to enjoy as responsible consenting adults. So lose those shackles , people, unless shackles are your thing, in which case stop reading this garbage and go chain someone to a bed. Or to a chair. Or whatever. Either way just have fun.

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