Sunday, 14 October 2012

Playground Earth

I am a geek. I tick every box. I love technology, live it, and can always justify my next hi tech purchase via some absurd sleight of hand. It's a wonder that Joy puts up with me; she's married to a child in an adults body. Phones, computers, games consoles, TV's; I'm like a kid in a sweet shop. Right at this moment I'm considering laying down a large sum of money for a phone that I don't need, which would replace one that's working perfectly well and already better than most others on the market. Idiotic, I know. But that's the thing about being a proper geek, a hard core geek; if we let practical considerations get in the way of our lust for new tech then we wouldn't be geeks would we? Drop me in Comet, or Game, or PC World and I could amuse myself for hours. I should really invest in a grubby beige coat so I look proper dodgy. Terms like hard drive, Ram, and anti aliasing spring from my mouth like some dead Aztec language. I suspect people see the strange maniacal look in my eye when watching a video review on YouTube, or when un boxing a new toy. I really am a peculiar contrast, because on the other side of the coin you can drop me in the middle of the country, miles from the nearest power source and I'm also happy as a pig in muck. I see wonder everywhere, beauty of a different kind, and just as complex and remarkable. You could sit me on a hillside and I'd stare out into the distance for an age, observing, imbibing, being. Now I reflect, I'm just a boy who finds miracles in pretty much everything. It doesn't take much to get my proverbial juices flowing, and I don't suppose I shall change unless circumstance dictates. I'm quite harmless, just to assure you. There's no maniac lurking under my bonnet. Heck, I outed that fella years ago. I'm just into life, into living, into exploring horizons both old and new. I've come a long way from the working class country boy who tried too hard and achieved too little. I've learned from mistakes and built upon the positives, and I don't think I begrudge anybody anything. So please excuse me if I'm a bit quirky; a smidgen eccentric, or occasionally just a plain loon. Besides, if you were looking for conventional you'd never have read this far in the first place. Anyways, I've an early start. Up with the lark and all that. Later dudes

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