Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Cry From The Heart

People with passive aggressive tendencies infuriate me more than any other. It really is an insidious trait and we should call it out when ever we see it. For those uninitiated, passive aggressive means to act in a way that on the surface seems calm, perhaps even gracious; yet underneath there's a seam of resentment that those around you cannot fail to notice. Give me somebody who throws a wobbly any day of the week over those who just curdle away like some out of date mayonnaise. Surround me with drama queens and people who wear hearts on sleeves rather than the kind that simmer, intent that we sense their dissatisfaction even whilst they lack the courage the vocalise it. You know what, this harks back to my love of genuineness; of people who are flawed but real, vulnerable and brave enough to live with something close to transparency. I wonder how different our world would be if we stopped playing silly games with each other and just said what we really meant? No window dressing, no abstraction; just lay it all out on the table. Better still; wouldn't it be grand if we could be assured that we wouldn't be chastised for doing so? Only this doesn't appear to be the world that we have chosen. We appear to prefer a charade, an idiotic dance around reality rather than a square jawed confrontation with it. Example; who amongst you have been critical of your place of work, only to be summoned into an office and instructed to put reality on hold to preserve the greater good? Perish the thought that any of us should deign to speak candidly about facts when the fuzzy clouds of double talk can be easily deployed. Oh, and in case you're wondering this blog isn't about work; I simply use it as a contextual example. The same ethos can be seen in many areas of society; the way we refuse to speak plainly about any number of issues. What's so dangerous about a sincere opinion? What exactly is it about truth that causes so many to shy away from it? I should probably end there. Consider this post as a cry from my heart. As one man desperate to say it as it is and live in a society where that's ok. Transparency sometimes means vulnerability. And vulnerability requires courage. For those who have ears, let them hear.

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