Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Milk Of Human Kindness

Apparently, according to one Islamic scholar, the Polio vaccine is Un-Islamic. Apparently it is part of a Western conspiracy to render young Muslims impotent. 
This is weapons grade stupidity. But then, weapons grade stupidity is the beating heart of religion itself. It has been suggested that when a single person claims to have heard the voice of God he is a madman, yet if an entire group of people claim likewise we call it a religion. Now I know that there are many bright and capable persons of faith in the world and I don't mean to be rude. However, your benign and harmless belief lends a shroud of credibility to an undercurrent of real loons out there that believe in absurdity as evidenced above. In short, whilst the majority of believers are good and kindly citizens, they tacitly fuel the mania that lurks in the deeper reaches of faith.
I don't object to you going to church or a mosque. I encourage you in your desire to live decent and caring and productive lives (qualities that shouldn't require religious adherence anyway). What I object to is when your beliefs impinge upon the welfare and wellbeing and freedoms of your fellow denizens.
Our deranged Muslim scholar is but one example. Another might be the Church's position on gay marriage, or perhaps if you are American the corruption of education by zealous fools seeking to teach Creationism in class rooms.
These are the facts, which can be applied to ALL religions. First, none have a shred of evidence to support them. Second, none of the Holy books say anything moral that hasn't been said better elsewhere. Third, religion has been and continues to be a stumbling block and an active obstacle to scientific progress and reason. In short, you have NOTHING to bring to the table.
If you want to be kind, to reach out and help the disadvantaged you can do so without believing ridiculous things about the nature of reality. The milk of human kindness doesn't exist under a cross or a crescent, but amidst the shared experience of our species. Your claims about eternal life, as appealing as they may sound, are mere wish thinking when confronted by the spectre of our mortality. If believing the unbelievable gets you through the day so be it, but don't expect credit or praise for your abundance of faith.
To conclude, it remains as vital as ever that delusion is challenged and outed. When people make claims about reality they need to back these up with evidence that can be tested. As I've joked before, religion is a bit like cross dressing. All well and good behind closed doors, but more often than not looks a bit daft when paraded in public.

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