Friday, 20 April 2012

The Unseen Ocean

I can’t help myself. It’s a great story. Scientists say that the notoriously dry continent of Africa is, in fact, sitting atop a vast reservoir of ground water. So much water it exceeds the amount on the surface by 100 times. Across the continent over 300 million people are said not to have access to safe drinking water, and we have all seen the horrific famines that have caused the deaths of so many for what seems forever. What are your first thoughts when you learn of this new development? I must confess, and call me mischievous, but I couldn’t help but contemplate what a perfect shit God must be to allow such a vast, life saving resource to go undetected for so long. I known, I know, I don’t believe in the vile old thug of the Bible, or any Gods for that matter, but if I did what other conclusion could I possible arrive at? On the surface, children with distended bellies curl up in foetal agony as starvation gnaws at their dishevelled bodies. Mothers beat their chests and weep tears as entire families are reduced to skin and bone. And all this time, whilst all this unfolds, beneath their very feet swills the answer.   If I were a Christian I would be scratching my head right now. What kind of a God creates the answer and yet conceals it from those most desperate for it? How many prayers have gone unanswered? How many children have gasped their last breath awaiting the mercy and succour of their God? I expect the faithful will find some absurd rationale to make sense of this. Let’s face it, they always do. Anything to convince them somewhere out there, beyond our senses, there’s an all loving father figure watching us and brimming with a depthless love. I am a father myself. I wouldn’t deny my children a life saving resource. And I wouldn’t mock humanity in the way the Christian God appears to. And if such a being does exist, the only title deserving of him is sadist.

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