Monday, 23 January 2012

The Sun

I made a grave mistake today. During my lunch break I picked up a discarded copy of the Sun. I flicked through its pages, and was left no longer bemused as to why we are a nation of numpty's.
What a disgusting, mindless, empty headed excuse for a newspaper it is. It's all knee jerk and hyperbole, everything amplified yet only so it can appeal to the lowest common denominator. There was nothing within its greasy pages that made me want to think or reflect. It shouts at you constantly, a mindless barrage of over reaction and superficial reporting on issues that deserve a lot more. I understand that it manages a decent circulation, which suggests to me that a good proportion of the nation are into this drivel. Its banal beyond belief, and an affront to the pursuit of truth or the journalistic discipline.
I have made myself the following promise. Should anybody ever offer me a copy of this digest for meatheads again, I will politely tell them that I would rather walk into my local supermarket and remove my trousers in the fruit and veg aisle. I mean, it's just shocking to me that anyone, and I mean anyone would want to ingest this stuff. 
But perhaps I'm missing a trick, here? Perhaps News International are coining it big time and simply want to keep the old cash cow rumbling on. But if this is where people are getting their information from, and if this is a source that people are referring to in order to establish facts about the world, then get me on the first flight out!

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