Friday, 13 January 2012

Planet Facebook

Apparently Facebook is cited in one third of all divorces. This doesn't surprise me in the least. Was there ever a better forum for inappropriate behaviour?
The problem is that it allows a person to keep two sets of books, to coin a phrase. We have our real lives, which for most of us are generally sober affairs with occasional explosions of crazy, whilst with Facebook its entirely possible, and tempting to live another kind of life entirely. I've grown increasingly aware that there are risks, and I understand why some can become addicted.
It's a very peculiar thing, when you stop to think about it. Billions of people sharing little snippets of themselves; some more than others depending on various motivations. It's changed the way many of us interact, but not always for the better. How many of the people on your list are actually friends rather than just acquaintances? I bet the balance is pitched towards the latter. I love the fact I can reunite with friends from far away or from my distant past, and there's a glib immediacy which I do find appealing. I decided a couple of years back that I shouldn't take it seriously and confess that i've kept that promise and then some. To be honest, I've often gone out of my way to amp up the stupid, and I've created a semi fictitious character which bears only a passing resemblance to what I'm actually like. Its also interesting to see how others present on it, the variety of personality types playing out like the inmates of some virtual asylum. On the plus side I have got to know some people much better, whilst I've also got to know others just enough to know that I don't actually want to know them at all. I like my Facebook friends the way I like my real world one's; open and honest and prepared to be real. I'm not a fan of the in house passive aggressive's, the cryptic mixed message types. Seems to me they only drag their baggage from the real world into this one. But then perhaps we all do?

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