Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Sex Inside Your Head

A few months back I wrote on the fun to be had in writing erotic fiction as a means of self expression.  I want to reflect upon the issue again because It really has opened my eyes to new levels of sexual identity and imagination. By the way, I know that most of you who read this will never admit to doing so; it's ok, I'm delighted to be your naughty secret. But anyway, I've been beavering away on the subject when opportunity allows and I've found it so liberating. It's a time when I can allow my natural creativity to focus on issues of fantasy, those ideas and compulsions that often form a sexual narrative in my head.
I've always maintained that the best sex begins in the mind, and if you can understand and find peace with that then I'd argue that it puts you in a good place to be an exiting and stimulating partner. The lovely thing is that our sexual persona is often the polar opposite of how we are on a day to day basis; a corner of our psyche, a bottom drawer that we get to open when chance allows. I really do feel that if partners could find a way past their own inhibitions and really share of themselves and with each other relationships would flourish more than they do. And I don't just mean the erotic aspect; the same could be true of when we find issues or certain expectations difficult. We all have different lines in the sand and a happy medium needs to reached. That said, I suspect that for some their background puts a psychological block on sexual self expression, perhaps negative family experiences, or a background attitude towards sexuality as something dirty or unspeakable. I acknowledge that these can be difficult discussions, yet I feel they are worth having. If I have one desire from this piece its that perhaps one person will think about the subject and perhaps reflect on their sexual attitude and appetites. I cannot say strongly enough that it's ok to explore the realms of your sexual imagination. Open up, explore who you are, find your zone and be open to new experience.
Anyway, I'm off to dress up as a French maid replete with stockings, basque, and 4" heels. Actually no, I'm going for the Batman outfit instead. I can even jump from the wardrobe again now that we've had it repaired.

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