Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Smother Me With Chocolate And Throw Me To The Lesbians

Whilst walking in town the other day I saw a teenager wearing a sweatshirt which bore the plea, "Smother me with chocolate and throw me to the lesbians"
One wonders what said teenager was hoping to get from that particular deal? Presumably, post chocolate one wonders what purpose he would serve and I'd expect his lesbian captors would have little or no use for him? Of course, sexual fantasy was never meant to bow the knee to practical consideration, was it? If our teen desires such an episode well crack on matey. If he looks hard enough I'm sure he'll encounter person/persons prepared to rise to the task. We're in the Internet age now, and the race is on to see who's the most whacked out, deranged, loony tunes human being on the face of the Earth. It's really changed how we interact; giving us access to information once way beyond our reach. On the subject of porn and the joy's of google search most cravings can be sated within a few short clicks. Whether it's a Dominatrix you're seeking or a larger lady with boobies the size of Nebraska, our just a nice site from which to buy bondage gear or other erotica,  sooner or later you'll find what you came looking for. It raises interesting questions as to how this is liable to change our expectations sexually? On the positive side I can see how joint exploration could give a new lease of life for a flagging relationship. Conversely, what if a partner wants to bring elements into a union that the other person just isn't comfortable with? Or worse, begins to pull away and become an Internet sex addict, causing a relationship to fail due to unrealistic expectations? These are questions for the here and now. For you, for me. What are we to do?
Easy answer. Boringly predictable. Talk about it. It never ceases to amaze me just how many relationships falter due to lack of communication, and I confess I'm bewildered by this? And here's a stark fact; people rarely leave good relationships, just like they don't sell good cars or leave cherished homes. There's something so tediously obvious about all this. For some couples sex isn't going to be a priority, whilst for others it's paramount. Within every relationship it needs to find it's place, and that may change over time. I blog about sex and sexuality because I'm fascinated by it, and I want others to loosen up and perhaps think about how they express this wonderful part of who we are. It isn't dirty and it isn't lurid. There's nothing to be ashamed of and you're not a freak. Just be honest with yourself; you're sexual and creative, and when those two are combined I genuinely think that the skies the limit. Apologies to the ladies reading if this comes across as male centric; that's certainly not my intent. I think there's something for everybody here, and perhaps even a call to arms. Now if you'll excuse me I have some Internet shopping to do . . . .

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