Wednesday, 22 June 2011

World Of Woo

Welcome to the world of Woo. A place where reality plays second fiddle to all manner of whacky ideas. No claim too outrageous, no belief too absurd. All you need do is leave space in your head for the stuff that you want to believe.
Ghosts? Well come on in. No need for proof. And maybe if you strain just that bit more those chains of doubt will give way? Before you know it you'll be watching Uri on YouTube and putting Most Haunted on series record?
Crystals? Don't be shy. Who's to say that the shop on the market can't sell you a piece of colored rock that can regrow your hair, enlarge your breasts, and help you trap the man of your dreams?
Gods? Oh yeah, baby! We've so many to choose from. And happily, whichever one you settle on will just so happen to be the right one. Better still, once subscribed you'll be immune to counter argument. After all, what about all those lovely people at the Church, or the Mosque, or the Coven? Surely they can't all be wrong? 
Roll up, roll up, the Woo never ends! Inside every brain there's a fool to be had, a sucker to be punched, a sheep to be . . . . .
Err, I don't mean to urinate on your proverbial bonfire, but I'm kind of wondering how you know what you know? Not to be a spoilsport, but has anybody ever mentioned that no evidence for any of the above has ever been found. I mean none. Not a sausage. Not ever.
I've upset you again, haven't I? I suppose I could just leave you to it? Thing is, reality is a really cool thing. If more people tried it the world would be a far richer place. There's a ton of unsolved mysteries, real wonders being worked on by our brightest and our best. We know so much about what our brains can do and how they form ideas, and increasingly even understanding how they are deceived into believing nonsense that even the Mormons blush at. 
At the end of the day we live in an amazing world, part of an amazing Milky Way, itself part of an obscenely vast Universe. Wouldn't you rather live honestly? Without having to leave some of your brain in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? So quit worrying about things that go bump in the night, or whether that particular powdered crystal will increase the length of your nob. Come take a dip in the oceans of reality. The waters cool, but it's refreshing.

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