Thursday, 23 June 2011

When The Lights Go Out

When the lights go out on free speech to whom will you turn? When sharing an honest opinion becomes a risk too great to take whom will you blame? When western society is choked under the weight of its own political correctness and lack of backbone what are we to say to ourselves?
Well, the one thing I won't allow you to say is that you never saw it coming.
How many red flags do we ignore before we awaken to the fact that our culture and values are being eroded by an ideology that openly admits to wanting to reshape society? I am of course referring to Islam. Or to be precise, to those intent on its propagation and infiltration into all areas of our lives. For those with short memories may I remind you of the world as it was a few hundred years ago? Remember when the Church was all powerful? When those whom dared to dissent were tortured and executed; when the average person had no choice as to what to believe? Thankfully, the enlightenment tamed Christianity, and today it is no more than a fringe cult with no real power to wield. Fast forward and we have Islam, and we must understand that it is a powerful and emergent force. Granted, it has proliferated largely by immigration, but if birth rates continue, and assuming that youths adopt the religion of their parents we can expect the voice of Islam, and the demands of Islam to exceed our ability to tame.  Also, the most vociferous of its adherents are often the most fanatical, drowning out the many sincere and kindly moderates. So what's it to be, people? Are you going to be docile and indolent as the demands Islam makes for special privilege increase? Are you OK with Sharia? Content to see women gradually lose status and respect? And how about the progress of science? How do you expect that to fare under a theocracy? If history is a good barometer we should brace ourselves.
We have freedom of expression in the United Kingdom. We can exchange divergent views with passion and tenacity? But don't think that this freedom wasn't hard won, or that it cannot be eroded by those pretending to know the will of God.

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