Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Poker Face

I haven't got a poker face. I find the whole idea of having one bizarre. With me what you see really is what you get. No games, no deceit, no hidden agenda. And now a confession; I'm not bad at discerning who's genuine and who's not. There isn't much of a secret to it; I'm just observant. One obvious tell tale sign is to listen to what somebody say's about people who aren't around. I don't mean the occasional frustrated asides we're all guilty of, but rather the trend of consistently running other's down. There's a certain kind of person that seems to delight in this. You've probably got an image of them in your mind right now. Well all I do is figure that if that person can denigrate other's they can probably do the same to me? I tend not to form meaningful relationships with these folks. On the flip side I've always warmed to those who are prepared to be vulnerable, to be honest about themselves and just plain real. These are the people I've always gravitated towards. Perhaps in them I see myself? 
Generally, I adore listening to you. I love spending time hearing about how you're doing, about what's going on. I'm genuinely interested. Please forgive me if I ask the occasional impertinent question, or stray beyond those unspoken terms and conditions. I can be clumsy sometimes, and I expect I'm missing a few of the genes that regulate self control. No matter. If you're the type of person who get's me that won't bother you in the least.

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