Monday, 27 June 2011

Get Real

Tomorrow, many hundreds of thousands will awaken and would like nothing more than to go to work. They want to support their children, their partners, themselves. For a variety of reasons they will be amongst those unfortunate enough to be unemployed. If anybody has had a taste of this you'll know how demoralizing it can be. Work is a part of who we are, and a huge part of our lives. To be unable to get a job is a hammer blow to our pride.  Note, I'm not referring to the Jeremy Kyle brigade who prefer to live like parasites, but rather I'm focused on the numerous hard working and genuine souls who just want an honest days work for an honest day's pay.
What then, are we to make of those whom have a job, yet still find time to bemoan the hand they've been dealt? How do we respond to say, teachers, many of whom will be taking general strike action this week further to a dispute over pensions? I'm sorry, but I think you're time might be better spent just knuckling down and helping the nation through the worst economic crisis in decades. I'm not saying that your pension doesn't matter, but are you expecting to be exempt from the radical changes required to keep this country viable? Sometimes I really wonder whether this is willful ignorance, or just plain denial of how bad things are? And whilst the role played by the banks was pivotal, let's not forget that our addiction to credit was also a factor. We're not exactly whiter than white. The world is changing, the old order creaking under the pressure of it's own bloated excess. And all this whilst China and India show us a clean pair of heels. The result? Debt. Stagnation. It's a perfect storm and it rages around us. So with this in mind surely only a baboon would advocate strike action which will further increase the strain upon our critically endangered economy?  You and I probably will have to work for longer and contribute more in order to ensure a decent retirement. Get a grip and start to show a bit of backbone. Get on with it and quit complaining at what a rough hand you've been dealt. 
You have a job. You have options. Many do not.

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